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Playgrounds: The Art Department Berlin 2019 - Title Sequence

“Entire production time was two and a half months. There was a thorough pre-production process, where I’ve spent quite a … >>

Lisa Bolan - Designer

Lisa Bolan is an illustrator, title designer and creative director based in Los Angeles. Her work is characterized by incredibly … >>

Sava Zivkovic - Designer

Sava Zivkovic is a Serbian-based 3D artist and director. Working with multi-award winning animation and VFX studio Axis, he has … >>

Are We Done Yet? - Title Sequence

“The director, Steve Carr, was looking for the guy who did City Slickers, but at first he didn’t know where I was.… >>

Menno Fokma and Floris Vos - Designer

An occasional collaboration between two motion designers from The Netherlands.

Jean Fouchet - Designer

Jean Fouchet was born in France in 1918. He graduated in graphic arts and began working in the film industry … >>

Agnes Varda - Designer

Agnès Varda is a French photographer, film director, and artist, born in Belgium to a Greek father and French mother … >>

Shadowplay Studio - Designer

Shadowplay Studio was a motion graphics/visual effects studio founded by Ari Sachter-Zeltzer and Gareth Smith. The studio was located on … >>

Henry Hobson - Designer

After graduating from the Royal College of Art in London, the UK-born designer and director Henry Hobson started working at Why … >>

Michel Saignes - Designer

Very little is known about about Michel Saignes. He studied graphics and animation at l’Ecole Estienne and the Métiers d’Art, focusing … >>